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Relaxing At Work

As a yoga instructor, I meet a lot of people who ask for my advice on how to handle stress using breathing techniques or different exercises. I have a friend who works at a Minneapolis MN Law Firm and asked for my help on how to handle stress at work. I told her that the key breathing deeply from the abdomen and getting fresh air as much as possible in the lungs. When you do deep breaths, you are getting more oxygen into your system and this is a lot better than shallow breaths. Short breaths and tensed breaths are indications of anxiety. You have to sit with your back straight and put one hand on your chest, the other on your stomach. You have to breathe in through your nose. Make sure that when you breathe in, your stomach rises.

When you exhale, exhale with your mouth and not your nose. Push as much air as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles. Continue this kind of breathing for a few minutes and this routine will surely relax you. There are more ways on how to relax whenever you are at work. You can walk around to give yourself some exercise. It also relaxes tired and strained muscles. It's also a way to take your mind off from work because you get to see other people around you. You can also try doing nothing. If your boss catches you, just tell him that you are trying to rest for a bit. My friend seemed to find it effective that’s why she recommended me to all other professionals who work in a Minneapolis Law Firm.


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