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Going Back To School

I’m thinking about going back to school because I have been working for 10 consecutive years in the same office and I haven't done anything that’s interesting for me. I am choosing between hairdressing and energy healing. Growing up in the East Coast, I have always been fascinated with the big hair of my mom and grandma. It would be interesting to be able to do that and all the modern hairstyles to my daughters. I am also considering taking classes about healing with energy simply because I find it very interesting and useful.

My daughter is always complaining about back pains. She's a dancer so she goes home with a lot of body aches especially after a dance practice. When she gets home, she loves to hang out in her room using her laptop that’s why her back is always strained. I want to stop taking her to her chiropractor so we can save money. So if I take the healing class, I can heal her by myself. Also, I have been reading a lot of information about this healing method and I think it will have a positive impact to our family. It will bring in more positive energy into our home and it will make us physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. I really hope that after I spend money on these classes I will be able to use them fully at home. I think that if I grab this chance of going back to school to do something other than work, it will make my life more exciting.




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