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Benefits of the Internet

The internet is truly one of the best inventions that our generation has. We are indeed a lucky bunch because the internet has changed the way our lives normally work. It has changed the way businesses operate and even the way how children can learn new things. My five-year-old nephew uses the iPad like it's something that he has been using since he was one-year-old. Really, I find it weird that he can be so good at something so advanced when he's only five! He couldn't read when he started playing Xbox and Wii. Now, he's playing and chatting with his iPad without any help from any adults in the house.

The internet has also changed the way we do things – when we are going out for dinner with friends; we use our GPS or our iPhones to know the directions to the new restaurant. Even the places that are not so popular can be found on the internet like the nearest school of healing from your house, or the farthest adoption or abortion clinic from you. The world of education has also changed in a way that almost everything can be downloaded from the internet – books, articles, audio files, videos, etc. I also read an article about some interesting facts in the school alternative medicine and that’s online and for free! I am most thankful for the internet because of the opportunities that it has given to us most especially in communicating with our loved ones through social networking and email, wherever they may be.

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